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Special issue of Current Drug Abuse Reviews on Alcohol Hangover

This special issue of Current Drug Abuse Reviews will contain high-quality reviews that summarize the current knowledge about the alcohol hangover. Alcohol hangover is the most commonly reported consequence of excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol hangovers contribute to absenteeism, impaired on-the-job performance, reduce productivity, poor academic achievement, and may compromise potentially dangerous daily activities such as driving a car or operating heavy machinery. These socioeconomic consequences and health risks of alcohol hangover are much higher when compared to various common diseases and other health risk factors. Nevertheless, unlike alcohol intoxication the hangover received very little scientific attention and studies often yield inconclusive results. Therefore, the aim of this special issue is to summarize the current knowledge on alcohol hangover in reviews addressing its causes, consequences, contributing factors, and treatment options.

If you are interested to contribute a review, please contact the Editor-in-Chief of Current Drug Abuse Reviews (Joris C Verster, e-mail: To assure a balanced special issue without overlap between reviews, also submit a 1-page outline of your review proposal.


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